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Vedic Trove

Crafting Wellness Through Centuries:


Vedic Trove's Ayurvedic Heritage.


About Us

Welcome to Vedic Trove, where our journey into Ayurveda began in the illustrious year of 1890. Rooted in centuries of wisdom and upheld by generations of Vaidya's, our brand stands as a guardian of authentic Ayurvedic practices. Immerse yourself in our rich heritage, where each product is a testament to the meticulous translation of Sanskrit texts and a commitment to unchanged formulations. At Vedic Trove, we invite you to explore the intersection of tradition and potency, where the echoes of ancient knowledge resonate in every offering. Join us on a voyage through time, embracing wellness crafted with unparalleled expertise and a legacy that transcends generations.




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Ashwagandha Max Capsules:

"Ashwagandha Max Capsules by Vedic Trove have been a game-changer for my daily energy levels. I feel more resilient and focused, making it an essential part of my wellness routine."

Jamie Lane

Hair Oil

"Vedic Trove's Hair Oil is a treasure for my tresses. The natural ingredients and ancient wisdom truly make a difference. My hair feels stronger, shinier, and more luxurious than ever."

Nikhil C

"The Face Elixir from Vedic Trove is a daily indulgence for my skin. The results are phenomenal – a radiant, refreshed complexion. It's become my secret to timeless and luminous skin."

Mahisri M

Turmeric capsules

"The turmeric capsules has helped me greatly with my smokers cough which has been persistent since years. Genuinely and pleasantly shocked by the results."

Teja Moduga


Hair Fall oil
PCOD & Menstrual Cramp Relief
Face Serum
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